Divvy makes splitting the check as easy as snap, drag, and pay. Just snap a photo of the bill, drag each item to the person who ordered it,
and see how much everyone owes.

  1. Snap

    Take a picture of the check using your iPhone's camera.

  2. Check

    Verify that Divvy read all the prices correctly.

  3. Drag

    Split up each item. Tax & tip are handled automatically.

  4. Pay

    Group guests together and see what everyone owes.

What is Divvy?

Splitting restaurant checks is a hassle. Divvy makes it fun & easy by automatically reading the prices on your bill using state-of-the-art optical character recognition so you don't have to type them in. Add guests from Contacts, using cartoon icons, or snap a QuickPic of your friends across the table. Then, just drag each item on the check to the people who ordered them to easily calculate total & tip for individuals or groups. Divvy takes care of all the math, so you can finish the meal with dessert rather than homework.

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Divvy only works on printed restaurant checks and requires an iPhone 4 or above. Divvy is currently available in the United States and Canada, with plans to support other locales and currencies soon!

In the Press

The Divvy press kit is available here.

How it Works

Divvy is built on top of a sophisticated optical character recognigion (OCR) engine that was designed to run efficiently on mobile devices and excels at interpreting documents containing structured numerical data. The Divvy OCR Engine is based on decades of existing research in the field, in addition to what we believe are some innovative new techiques of our own. While Divvy is busy splitting restaurant checks, its OCR engine has bigger hopes and dreams.

If you're developing an application for mobile payments, accessibility, or anything else that might be a good fit for Divvy OCR, we'd love to hear from you.